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Our promise to our youth is to remain a positive and consistent presence in their lives, providing mentorship and role models of success. I’ve found that the same dedication to sports can be applied to education and the same drive and desire to win can be applied on and off the basketball court. The greater goal to be achieved is a balance between the two; with this it takes all of us. A presence to develop them on the court and a presence to guide them through the scholastics of life.

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“Coach Ralph set me on the path to becoming a better player. I’ll be trying out for the college team this upcoming season and with the additional development training at 3Ball-West, I’m more confident about heading into this upcoming season and achieving my goal. “


Brookwood Basketball, Senior Boys

“This year I’ve progressed in basketball due to hard work and focusing on my basketball fundamentals. The thing about fundamentals is once you’ve got the basics, the game becomes easier. I’ve been going to 3Ball-West for a short while, and I can say that not only have my skills gotten better but so has my confidence.”


TWKF Bluehounds, Cadet AAA

“I’ve been playing basketball for a little more than two years. My training was primarily in the summers, and with Coach Ralph’s help I’ve been able to start on both Intercity teams I’ve tried out for. He says the achievements are all mine but I know I couldn’t have done it without 3Ball-West.”


WILBA Lakers, Juvenile AAA