The game of basketball keeps evolving. We’re at a stage where regardless of the position you play if you’re not able to get past your opponent off the dribble when the opportunity arises, your minutes on the floor will decrease.

If basketball is the game you wish to commit to long-term, and this is your concern. Here’s a simple ball handling circuit that if applied daily will improve the level of your dribbling skills for the upcoming season.


Minimal Effort, Maximum Long-term Benefits

This simple daily basketball dribbling circuit will change your game.
1. It needs a minimum amount of space: It can be done in the basement, or just outside your home on the front walkway.
2. It takes a minimal amount of time: It can be done in the morning before going to school, or in the gym before the start of your team practice.

These drills will improve your overall game by increasing your confidence, as you discover the control you’ve develop on the court in different situations. They will also allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your basketball development as this particular ball handling goal is being met.


1. Finger Taps & Ball Smacks

Start with warming up your hands by tapping the ball back and forth on your finger pads. Then move on to smacking the ball with each hand to get the circulation flowing. This warm-up will allow you as a player to focus on using your finger pads to control the ball rather than your palms when dribbling.

Bonus tip: Always start each segment of the drills with your weak hand, then after the sets switch to the strong hand.

2. Pound Dribble

Next work on regular dribbling about waist high with your knees bent, then dribbling high to your shoulders height and then a low pound to the height just below your knee. These should be about ten to fifteen times and the ball should be pounded into the ground as hard as possible. Training at these three heights will get you accustom to regaining control of the ball and maintaining your dribble regardless of wayward bounces.

Follow up with a pattern of one dribble out front, then between the legs, and repeat one dribble then between the legs. Try not to look down when going through the drills. Of course, during games at certain points, you will look at what you’re doing while dribbling based on the pressure of your opponent. But as you get more comfortable with the drills, the urge of looking to find the ball will become a minimal habit.


3. Cross Dribble

At the same height variation for the Pound Dribble drill. Start with regular cross dribbling at waist height, then high cross dribbles around shoulder height, and finish off with low cross dribbles below knee height. Remember to do sets of ten to fifteen for each drill.

Follow up with using one hand to dribble around the leg on the same side. After ten to fifteen repetitions, reverse and dribble in the opposite direction. Complete your sets with your weaker hand and repeat the same exercise with the other hand.


4. Figure Eight Dribble

In order to maximize this drill, it’s been broken down into two parts. Start with a figure eight pattern, two dribbles at a higher height, try to use the least amount of dribbles possible to begin. After completing your sets switch to a low dribble figure eight pattern keeping the ball below knee height which will require using multiple dribbles to complete the figure eight pattern.

Ned more?: If these drills aren’t challenging enough, check out our previous blog “ In Todays Game; Are Your Handles Up To Par? ” for additional drills to help you get to the next level in your development.

5. Finish The Circuit With These Three Drills

To finish up the dribbling circuit, we’re going to push out ten Windshield Wiper drills, dribbling the ball out in front from side to side with one hand. Walking the Dog drills, dribbling the ball on the side front to back with one hand. And last but not least, In and Out, which is dribbling the ball out in front bringing it in with the hand at waist height and directing it to bounce outward.

So do this on a daily basis so your confidence in handling the ball during games will increase. If on the daily isn’t something you’re ready to commit to then try two or three times a week. Good luck! We’ve posted a video to help you better understand the drills, so be sure to follow us for notifications of this and other training drills. If there are additional drills you wish to see, let us know and we’ll be sure to get them up on our Instagram and Facebook accounts for you.

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